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I was born and raised in Norfolk County, so I’m very proud to work at such an amazing clinic in an area I have known my entire life.
The dental office has been my second home since I was in highschool, before dental school.
From the start, dentistry has always been a passion, one that I have been grateful to continue developing for over 15 years.
Port Dover Family Dentistry continues to be extraordinary with quality treatment, excellent patient care and an outstanding dream team.
When I’m not in the office, either at the reception desk or organizing and communicating with our team. You can likely find me at home, in my flower gardens, when the seasons allow, or with my head buried in a new and trendy book.

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Sandeep Gupta

I highly recommend this dentist and dental office. My visits have been delightful experiences - something I've never said before about a dental visit. The staff is always professional and very pleasant, the dental work I had done was performed by Dr. Syed Bukhari perfectly. I am pleased beyond description with the results.

Port Dover Family Dentistry - Port Dover

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